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Anonymous: My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. The next day he asked for me back and since things have been happening recently I said we should stay friends for now. Then he stopped talking to me for 2 weeks and I texted him today and he replied late to every text and told me hes hanging out with some girl I've never heard of. I know hes just trying to make me jealous and I kinda am but I dont think I want to get back with him I just want to talk. What should I do

Dispose of that bitch like a used condom.

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Me when I graduate it.

Anonymous: So this girl I like has had a really hard life. She has been left by her father, tried to kill herself (but has promised me she's never going to do it again) and now she is being called a slut by random people for no reason. I really like her and she likes me. Should I do something about the name calling

Definitely. You should always be there for the people you care about and they should be there for you as well.

If people proceed on calling her names then tell them to cut it out and comfort her when she’s feeling down. If she needs someone in her life to help her get through whatever she’s facing then be that person.

Tell her you’ll always be there for her and treat her like you would like to be treated if you were in her position.

Just being there… It makes a huge difference.


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Walking into finals…

When you’re the only one in class that knows the answer.

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When that one kid in class asks a question that was just answered.

Anonymous: Seen you give advice to someone on here so i thought I'd ask you something. Basically I work with two guys that have been going out for 2 years. I then started and I got on well with one of the guys, after a few months we had a few nights out together and he confessed that he liked me, and i was the first girl he had had feelings like this for. But I thought no since we work with his boyfriend anyways a few things happened, they're 'splitting up' and i dont know what to do, feel bad on the boyf

You’re a homewrecker and you should feel bad.

LMAO No. Although I don’t know the circumstances of your current situation or the meaning behind “a few things happened”, it doesn’t sound like you did anything intentionally or interfered with their relationship. Whatever happened between the two of them is between them and they have no business in dragging you into their mess. If you feel sympathetic for his boyfriend, make sure to clear things up with him and explain that you had no intentions of splitting them apart.The most he can do is accept your apology.


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Anonymous: I saw my sisters phone on the table and she never has a password and so I was gonna take a bunch of selfies on her phone but when her phone unlocked it went to her texts to her boyfriend and I saw her nudes

LMAO! Do your parents know? If they don’t…

Send them to your phone and get her to do stuff for you or you’ll show them to your parents.image

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Anonymous: so the boy i like is in 8th grade and im in 7th grade. in november he sent me a classic 'i like u do u like me' text and i nervously responded 'yes'. well he was persuaded to do so by one of the girls in his grade who is, essentially, a blabbermouth. she pretty much told every person in her grade about it, who in turn told the entire middle school. so the next day everything was super awkward. he was awkward around me, i was awkward around him. and everyone treated me like some slut

Like you’ve already said, you’re in middle school. This will all blow over in a week or a month, depending on how much gossip is spread around your school. I can assure you that you’re not a slut, regardless of how these people at your school view you. I doubt everyone even cares that much, especially since this was in November and I’m sure most people have moved on by now. If confessing that you like someone makes you a slut, then wow, everyone’s parents must be a slut then because one of them had to have confessed to the other regarding their affections.

As soon as the new hot topic arrives, everyone will forget about all of this except for the people most affected: you and your crush. If you two want to put it behind yourselves, first he has to apologize. Then you can tell him you don’t have any feelings for him anymore (as you said), tell him you just want to be friends and by the time you’re both in high school (you said you’re going to the same high school as him) you both would have long forgotten about this. I know things like this seem like the end of the world for someone your age, but it’s not; it’s minuscule in comparison to the problems you’ll have to face later in life, or even just in high school.

Now about that girl: tell that blabbermouth bitch to mind her own business. Perhaps she likes him as well but unlike you she’s too pussy to admit it. Walk around like you a bad bitch and strut all up in her face like

"Yeah, I like him. So what? Bitch I can get him if I want to."

Show everyone that you’re above this little rumor and you don’t give an ounce of a fuck what they say about you. The more you act like it affects you the more they’ll make a big deal out of it. If you hear someone gossiping about you just walk by them like

"Yeah I know you’re talkin’ shit. Do I care? No. Why? Because you’re irrelevant."

Put it all behind you. The sooner you forget about it and stop giving a shit, the sooner everyone will as well. Because

"OH-EM-GEE _____ likes _____."

is not something to be ashamed of.

TL;DR Just be like:



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